The Agricultural Heritage Center in Longmont, Colorado, is the brainchild of Peter Keady and focuses on agriculture as one of its core issues. A former curator of the Natural History Museum in San Francisco, Keady realized that there were so many resources available to him when it came to learning about and preserving the agricultural history of the area. By putting all of this information online for people to access, he hoped to create a hub where these people could gather to share ideas, experiences, and news. Many areas have such historical societies that can provide information and services that help people learn more about their heritage, but not every area has this kind of resource center devoted to the agricultural field. Many of these organizations focus on natural history, while others provide information and education on agriculture. But no matter what you are looking for, if you cannot find it here, you are sure to find something that is. Learn more here.

Many of the activities hosted by this Agricultural Heritage Center in Longmont focus on the importance of keeping the history of the area’s farming alive. In addition to holding agricultural exhibits, the center offers talks by local farmers and ranchers on how the current practices are affecting the environment and how the heritage of farming can still be passed down to future generations. In addition to talking about how things are working now, the talks can also include some history about the different types of animals and plants that are grown in the area. Some of the highlights of the farm events include tours of the different farms and ranches, educational activities centered around food production, recipes, and educational panels with speakers from around the world. There are also lectures given by local business leaders who are able to talk about their experiences growing and managing their businesses along with sharing some of the information on how agricultural works are done. Learn more about Enjoy Summer Adventure at Thompson Park in Longmont, Colorado.

The Agricultural Heritage Center in Longmont, Colorado, is not only a great place for individuals and groups to get information on how the community has worked to support agriculture, but it is a great place for people who want to preserve the past as well. By hosting so many farmer’s markets and farmer’s talks, they are able to provide a gateway into the information on agricultural issues that are important to everyone. By doing this, they are not only opening up educational opportunities to the general public, but they are also giving everyone the opportunity to learn more about how agriculture is affecting the lives of everyone.