The City of Lafayette is now a semi-autonomous Community within the city of Lafayette, Colorado. The City population has been consistently growing over the years and currently stands at 24,953 at the most recent United States Census. The City of Lafayette began as a small farming community on the Colorado River, but it gradually evolved into a tourist and recreation destination with its beautiful scenery and historic buildings. Today, the City of Lafayette serves a multitude of visitors, from tourists who enjoy mountain biking on the Colorado Mountain biking trails to visitors who enjoy the city’s fine dining and shopping experiences, to business travelers who are looking for an easy business locale to set their headquarters and other necessary amenities. Information can be found here.

One of the most popular parts of the City of Lafayette that has seen growth over the recent years is the City’s farmland. The City of Lafayette, Colorado farmers, have seen their prices for top-notch quality agricultural produce and livestock increase significantly over the years because of the growing demand for safe and healthy farmland in this region of Colorado. Many of the current crops of grapes for wineries are grown in the historic rolling hills of Lafayette. In addition, there are many popular vineyards located throughout the communities of Lafayette, Colorado. See here for information about The Booming Town of Erie, Colorado.

Lafayette, Colorado’s most famous resident, is also a world-famous landscape artist, Che Guellani. Giuliani’s work can be found all around the cities of Lafayette, Colorado. Che’s colorful, detailed paintings of the beautiful scenery of this area have been displayed at several art galleries across the country, as well as being displayed on several television networks in the US. Lafayette has also become a favorite tourist destination for hiking and mountain biking trails that were originally built by former climbers of the Colorado Mountain ranges. These trails have made the town even more popular for outdoor enthusiasts, allowing visitors to take in the beautiful scenery and challenging trails that the state of Colorado has to offer.