McIntosh Lake in Longmont, Colorado, is a beautiful lake that is perfect for hiking, boating, and swimming. For many years, this lake was owned by the descendants of the Lewis and Clark family. They used it for fishing and hunting and even had a casino there for their loyal customers. In the early 1900s, the casino was moved to a location to be closer to the people of the town, so the original Lake still has some of its original features. Further facts about  Longmont, CO can be found here.

The water is gorgeous and clear. It has a moderate water temperature but still has that fine shade and depth from the surrounding mountains. It is about a three-hour drive from Denver, the home of the third-largest law firm in the United States and the second-largest school district in the state of Colorado. For those who like to shop, there are several small shopping malls along the lake that offer everything from fresh produce and clothing to large-scale department stores. There are also boat ramps on the lake if you have wanted to fish from your own boat. Lakewood Caverns is another wonderful attraction, with over forty varieties of rock art available for viewing. Information about Kanemoto Park in Longmont, Colorado – Peace, and Relaxing Experience can be found here. 

For those who want to explore without having to take a vacation, the Visitors’ Bureau hosts a variety of activities on the lake. Years ago, the Longmont, Red Rock Canyon was one of the best places to go, but now there are camping facilities on the site, as well as playground equipment and picnic tables. There is also a concession stand that sells Mexican food and beverages along with hot dogs and coffee. Of course, if you want to explore without getting your feet wet, you can rent a kayak and do some paddle boating or go sailing. Regardless of what you enjoy most, vacationing at McIntosh Lake in Longmont is a great way to spend a week!