Roosevelt Park in Longmont is an established recreation area with over thirteen thousand acres of park devoted space. This neighborhood offers two city blocks, but the largest section of the community is the park itself. Roosevelt Park in Longmont features an eight-block recreation center with a large playground, picnic area, and a rec center. The building is the former home of the Colorado Colonial Club and is still used for meeting and socializing purposes. Longmont, CO information can be seen at this link.

For more recent information about Roosevelt Park in Longmont or any other local area community, you can search the internet for information. Searching for recreational area communities, such as Longmont, and searching for recreational clubs such as the Longmont Sportsmen’s Association will give you lots of results. You’ll get some pretty cool stuff on these sites too. You might even be able to find some pretty neat ways to spend your summer taking care of your community. Roosevelt Park is a wonderful place to bring the family for some quality time with some of the best recreational activities around. Located on the north side of Longmont, just west of Montrose, this is a small but cozy park in the mountains. It is named after Theodore Roosevelt, who was the westerner most interested in the beauties of nature. The park was originally built by E.W. Roosevelt, who was a contractor and later the first mayor of Longmont. The entire area was originally considered part of the Native American reservation lands, but the city has long since claimed it as its own. Discover facts about The Spectacular Scenery of Old Mill Park in Longmont, Colorado.

There are some pretty cool things for every skill and fitness level to do in the area. You can visit the hot new recreation complex called the Polar Bear Park just north of the downtown area. It has an indoor pool and a lap pool and has connected spas, which are located just down the road from the pools. There is a great kids’ activity gym called the Polar Bear gym. With this huge selection of things to do, why not check out Roosevelt Park in Longmont for a day?