The perfect place to enjoy mountain biking, Kanemoto Park in Longmont, Colorado, offers you a challenging yet relaxing experience. Located right at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park is a small but wonderful park consisting of more than 60 acres of devoted nature with breathtaking overlooks and many beautiful hiking trails. For nature lovers, this is one of the best places in northern Colorado where you can enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and picnicking in beautiful natural surroundings. In addition to the beautiful park property, hikers can also find some very challenging trails that will take their breath away. There are also many picnic spots and facilities available for you to have fun as well as take nourishment from the lovely sight of the rolling Rocky Mountains. Visit this link for more information.

The trails at Kanemoto Park in Longmont are challenging and offer hikers a challenging yet relaxing outdoor adventure. The trails are made of steep climbs and descents, offering a challenging terrain that will challenge even the most seasoned mountain bikers and hiking enthusiasts. But, if you are new to this type of hiking, it would be wise to join a guided tour or enroll you in a beginner’s course before venturing into the long and steep slopes. There are some very friendly and helpful staff members at the park who will be able to help you get started on your trip and also guide you along the way should you become lost or unsure of your route. Read about History and Culture at the Dougherty Museum in Longmont, Colorado here.

This is just a small glimpse into the rich history and natural beauty found at Kanemoto Park in Longmont, Colorado. With two parks situated just a drive away from each other and close to two hundred thousand visitors per year, it is no wonder why these two parks are regarded among the finest in northern Colorado. Kanemoto Park in Longmont, Colorado, has been recognized by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and The National Park Service as a bike-friendly recreation site and has also won awards for quality outdoor recreation facilities.