Boulder is a beautiful city in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. To the southwest, the mountain-rimmed Boulder Valley is craggy, hike-friendly, and scenic. To the northwest, the historic Boulder City Arts Council’s pedestrian Pearl Street Mall features many cafes, art galleries, restaurants, and other boutiques. The University of Colorado Boulder’s campus is home to the Fiske Planetarium & Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Boulder County is a great destination for people interested in learning about natural history and anthropology. Learn more here.

As it ranks third in the state for growth, Boulder was able to attract a diverse population that is not just composed of young professionals but families as well. The Boulder, real estate market has seen a marked increase in homes for sale, with many Boulder neighborhoods seeing an increase in population. The Boulder real estate market is rated above the national average and has consistently ranked among the top twenty cities for population growth in the United States. Boulder was able to attract this population by offering proximity to schools, great work opportunities, affordable housing, and plenty of recreational options. Boulder is the state’s third-largest city, and its population is almost twice that of Denver. Boulder’s growth and development have been backed by a highly successful real estate market. Real estate prices have increased in Boulder because of Boulder’s attractive demographics and relative affordability. Home prices in Boulder are more affordable than most suburbs in Colorado, and homes are much more affordable than those in the central part of Colorado Springs. Boulder is one of the best cities in Colorado for both jobs and recreation. And Boulder is home to some of Colorado’s most beloved outdoor and indoor activities, including world-class ski resorts, Colorado Mountain & Wildflower Center, and the Boulder Arena, which hosts thousands of shows each year. Learn more about All About Lyons, Colorado.

Boulder, Colorado was named the number one city in the U.S. for Open Space, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Boulder was also chosen as one of the best cities to be a part of Colorado by the United States Department of Interior, which rated the Rocky Mountains region as among the top ten places to visit. In addition to being home to Boulder’s culture, nature, and outdoor activities, Boulder is a convenient travel destination for sightseeing and destinations in Colorado. There are a variety of reasons why Boulder is such an appealing place to live, work, and visit.